The Ancestor Purse Book

This book is the result of a dream I had of being on top of Mount Antero. I believe this was a result of the previous night calling on my “healed ancestors” in my bloodline to assist me in my own healing of family issues.

The dream: 8-25-07

I an in the mining pit of Mount Antero. It somehow looks all paved and smoothed over. I sit down and right in front of me are some aquamarine crystals. I scoop them up and put them in my pack. Then I look up and see people coming through a doorway from the other side of the mountain all the way on top. They are tourists and have taken a walk way up here. I go up there and get in line.

The Geisha Book

This book was the result of many dreams of the Geisha. It was my first dream that I heard a strain of music. This book sculpture was inspired by a dream where I saw myself as a Geisha teacher. I was teaching several women how to dance. The women were all in a row and were practicing their steps. I heard the dance song in my dream. Because we kept going over the same musical phrase many times, I remembered the tune when I woke up. The tune was with me for about two days.

Stick Book

I woke up from a dream with this picture in my mind. The thrust of the sticks weaving through the book and the randomness of piercing space, feels like intersecting ideas, thoughts, feelings, wonders of the natural world. One day when I passed the sculpture in my studio, it occurred to me that it resembled a dream catcher….


This is an altered book form which is based on a series of dreams I had with a universal theme of my emerging animus, the masculine side of myself to precipitate change.


This altered book is an expression of the "awakened sleep paralysis" that I experienced for over 20 years. Upon going to sleep I would get caught in this space that would draw me forcefully away from the body, yet I was awake and my physical body was "switched off" unable to move....paralized! It is a common occurrence with many people, happening a few times in their life, however, I would experience this regularly. Its a frightening experience, since I did not understand what was happening. Buried inside the pages of this altered book is a large and very strong magnet.

Bug Armor

This altered book is a culmination of many dreams I had of the bug. One bug, two bugs, three bugs, four..... as the poem goes. This bug dream varied for many years but still came as a frightening symbol. Now after all these years, I have made peace with this symbol in my dreams and realize the bug is a reminder that fear is present. Once I got past my feelings of creepiness about this symbol, I made extensive personal progress!



John O' Dreams
by Bill Caddick

When midnight comes and people homeward tread,
Seek out your blanket and your feathered bed,
Home comes the rover, his journey's over
Yield up the night time to old John O' Dreams
Yield up the night time to old John O' Dreams

Across the hill the sun has gone astray
Tomorrow’s cares are many dreams away
The stars are flying, your candle's dying
Yield up the night time to old John O' Dreams
Yield up the night time to old John O' Dreams

Both man and master in the night are one
All things are equal when the day is done
The prince and the ploughman, the slave and free man
All find their comfort in old John O' Dreams
All find their comfort in old John O' Dreams

When sleep it comes the dreams come running clear
The hawks of morning cannot reach you here
Sleep is a river, flow on for ever
And for your boatman choose old John O' Dreams
And for your boatman choose old John O' Dreams

John O' Dreams performed by Christy Moore



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