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World Music will never be the same
after the release of Sonic Travels!

Star Edwards and KingBeat have evolved a truly original hybrid sound they call World Harp Rock. It culminates in an exciting exploration of Rock, Celtic and World music, spiced with a truly varied ethnic amalgamation of instruments and songs from all corners of the globe. This is danceable World Music bursting with power, energy and enthusiasm.

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1. Barcelona Nights (Ottmar Liebert)
2. Chinese Farmer's Tale (Kent Richardson)
3. Waiting for Summer (Star Edwards)
4. St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins)
5. Dream Time Journeys (Star Edwards)
6. Little Betty (Julio Edwards)
7. The Butterfly (Traditional Irish)
8. Cuando El Rey Nimrod (Sephardic)
9. Against the Odds (Star Edwards)
10. Chasing the Lights (Kent Richardson)
11. Birth of Monmatia (Cris Seaborn-Julio Edwards)
12. Jamaica Farewell (Trad. West Indies-I. Burgie)

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Sonic Travels - Star Edwards & KingBeat


Time Out

Featuring 62 minutes of Star's finest live improvisational harp playing, guaranteed to put you out in less than an hour--or your money back!

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Warning: do not operate heavy machinery or a motorized vehicle while listening to this CD!

Time Out
Relax with Celtic Harp

"The most relaxing CD ever made"


1. Time Out 29:25
2. Slow Down 13:57
3. Listen 14:51
4. Gratitude
(click for mp3 sample)
Total Time 62:06



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The Emerald Crossing  Cover

With Eric Olsen on Uilleann Pipes and
Molly Bennett on Penny Whistle and Bodhran


Pet of the Pipers (MP3 sample) (2:10) Irish
Minstrel Boy (2:26) Irish
Stu Mo Run (MP3 sample (3:30) Scottish
Coolin' (Lady of the Desert) (2:20) Irish
The Harp of Dunvegan (MP3 sample) (2:26) Scottish
Sheebeg Sheemore (3:09) Irish
Wild Mountain Thyme (2:58) Scottish
Feahgan Geleash (MP3 sample) (2:46) Irish
The Sea Invocation (MP3 sample) (4:01) Manx
Marquis of Huntly’s Highlanders (MP3 sample) (2:32) Scottish
Dark Eyed Molly (2:32) Scottish

Arc of Promise

Arc of Promise cover
Arc of Promise back cover

Sample MP3s from Arc of Promise

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