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Folk Harp
for the Young Beginner

Folk Harp for the Young Beginner book

.Available directly from Mel Bay online

Folk Harp for the Young Beginner

The Folk Harp for the Young Beginner book is designed for a new harp students with no music training. You will learn:

• How to read music.
• Count rhythm.
• How to tune the harp.
• How to change keys using sharpening levers.
• Two methods for reading ledger lines.
• Inverted chords.
• Using brackets to help see note patterns.
• Recognizing basic fingering and bass patterns that are in every song.
• Practice rhythm and workout pages to test your knowledge of music.
• Helpful photos for reference.
• CD provided with all the songs.

This book outlines two new methods for learning note reading based on logical, predictable music patterns. This method is designed to move students beyond reading notes as a single isolated symbol and to recognize groups of musical notes. Each group of songs will teach you coordination gradually and will build confidence with each song. Students can learn to play without boring or repetitive exercises. Songs in this book are drawn from timeless melodies that continue to enrich our musical heritage: Classical, Renaissance, Celtic, English, Old Timey, Traditional folk.

Lark Rise to Candleford
Theme Song ~ Sheet Music

Larkrise to Candleford Sheet Music series
Available in 2 versions:

Celtic Harp
Celtic Harp and Cello

This delightful theme music for harp and cello is in the key of Em and has three lever changes for Celtic harp. Designed for nylon harp, piano or guitar, intermediate level.

The BBC TV Series of Larkrise to Candleford is a heart-warming drama written by Flora Thompson in 1945 with the theme music written by Julian Nott. The matriarchal presence of Dorcas Lane in the wealthy town of Candleford weaves a contrasting tapestry to the matriarchal presence of Queenie in the hamlet of Larkrise. Julian Nott delivers a pristine melody that captures the sweetness of community and the edge of tension between friends and families.

Celtic Harp Anthology
Music from Historical Collections

Click here to view a sample

Before the 1700s, Celtic music enjoyed a long oral music tradition of learning and memorizing tunes without the aid of pen and paper. The pages of this anthology are filled with the rich heritage of Celtic music tucked away in historical collections from the late 1700s and 1800s. It is a treasure trove of fresh vibrant melodies that connect us to our ancestors' desire to capture the distinctive qualities of native traditional music. These collections are but a thread in a colorful tapestry that continues today, weaved by the hearts of passionate music enthusiasts. The Celtic Harp Anthology: Music from Historical Collections is a compilation from twenty one collections that were the proud work of spirited countrymen and women. In this compilation, you will touch the strains of music that filled gleaming white-thatched homes with joy and boundless energy. Connect with the heart and soul of a timeless culture and experience the music that eased the hardships of living.

This book is designed for advanced beginners to intermediate harp players with lever folk harps (or pedal harps) that have thirty-three strings or less with G (one and a half octaves below middle C) as their lowest note, in the keys of F, C, G, D and A. The tunes are appropriate for nylon or wire-strung harps. Two songs require lever flips.

.Available directly from Mel Bay online

A Spinning Wheel Tune
Awake The Harp’s Slumber
Belladrum House
Blackwater Foot
Bobbity Dawly
Cawdor Fair & Captain Kennedy Medley
Chorus Jig
Connor Macareavy
Coupar Angus Jigg
Edinburgh Castle
Fire On The Mountains
Gardner’s Hornpipe
Girls Have You Seen George
Good Night And Joy Be With You
How Sad I Am - Dan Deirg - Turn Back The Cows Duncan Medley
Jackson’s Dream
Lough Allen
Love For Ever
Merry Today
Miss Margaret Skelton’s Jig
Miss McReady Of Perston’s Favourite
Miss Montgomrie Of Annick Lodge Strathspey
Miss Nancie Low’s Reel
Mr. Oswald’s Reel
Munster Jig
My Jewel, My Joy - Down By The Banks Of The Sweet Primrose - My Guiding Star
My Sorrow And Trouble
Nora, With The Purse
O’Donnell’s March
Oh Jenny, You have Borne Away The Palm
Oh, Rouse Yourself, Its Cold You’ve Got
Oro, Welcome Home - The Shanavest And Caravat - Down On The Floor
Quick March
Reel #295
Sheen Sheesh Igus Souse Lum
The Banks Of The Daisies - The Deserter - Little Donnell
The Blackthorn Cane With A Thong
The Dance By The Old Sally Tree
The Hags Of Ulster
The Flower Of The Vale
The General Gathering 1745
The Ladies Dressed In Their Garments So Green
The Maid Of The Valley
The Moonlight Jig
The Night’s Past And Gone
The Sprite
The Trip We Took To The Mountain
The Troubled Child
The Wandering Harper - Adieu My Lov’d Harp
Turn The Pig From The Tea Pot

English Carols for Celtic Harp

Click here to view a sample

This collection of English Christmas carols is a warm welcome to the season of festive cheer. Steeped in tradition, each carol will fill your holiday celebration with merriment and reverence. These endearing spirited songs are fun to play, giving you hours of enjoyment year after year. The English Christmas carols are arranged for folk harp, which beginners and advanced beginners can play to usher in the gifts of this magical time. All of the songs contain guitar chords, fingering and brackets, suitable for nylon and wire strung folk harps, arranged using standard bass patterns. There are six songs that have lever changes which also include a simple visual aid for smooth transitions. The songs are in the keys of F, C, G and D. Included in this book is a bonus song arranged for two harps, especially fun for beginners.

1. A Child This Day Is Born
2. Christmas Day In The Morning/Sussex Carol
3. Dame Get Up and Bake Your Pies/Come Mad Boys Be Glad Boys
4. Drive The Cold Winter Away.
5. Gloucestershire Wassail
6. Hail The Blest Morn!
7. In Dulci Jubilo
8. On Christmas Night
9. Peace Round
10. Rejoice And Be Merry
11. Sound Sound Your Instruments of Joy (Seraphic Minstrels)
12. The Boar’s Head Carol
13. The Gooding Carol
14. The Moon Shines Bright/Sussex Mummer’s Carol/The Truth Sent From Above
15. The Old Yeare Now Away Is Fled
16. The Salutation of the Angel
17. Twelfth Night Song - The Angels Song
18. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night/Shepherds Sang Their Praises O’er Him


Available from
Mel Bay online

Folk Harp Wall Chart

The Folk Harp Wall Chart provides an overview of important hand positions and techniques unique to the harp. Included is a table that explains tuning relating to sharpening levers, examples of common bass patterns, fingering rules and brackets. This wall chart presents a visual aid for reading glissandos and covers special effects exclusive to the harp. Ornaments essential for the Celtic musician are also included. This 24" x 35" poster is a great visual reference to have in the studio, home, or classroom!

This 24" x 35" poster is a great visual reference to have in the studio, home, or classroom!

First Lessons
Folk Harp

Book/CD Set

Available from:

Kolacny Music

Directly from Publisher Mel Bay

First Lessons Folk Harp is designed for the beginner harp student who has no prior music training. In this book they will learn to read music notation, count rhythm, implement important fingering techniques, organize practice, tune a harp, play common bass patterns and make a decision about which kind of harp to play. Tips are included to help students get the most out of practicing. The songs serve as examples of harp basics, allowing the student to learn while playing vibrant melodies instead of repetitive or trite exercises. This book features traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Canadian, American and Renaissance music. These songs will transport and delight audiences with their simplicity and profound clarity. They invite us, to ancient landscapes steeped in mystery and to experience the traditions of harping throughout the ages.This book presents two new note reading methods based on logical, predictable music patterns that employ cutting edge techniques. They were developed to move students beyond reading notes as single isolated symbols. The rhythm table compares the different note values and rests to each other and visually shows how they are related through counting out rhythm increments. Helpful photos define how important hand positions are on the harp. These are an immense resource for students, allowing them to avoid tension in their hands and prevent injury. Accompanying audio CD allows students to play along as they learn.

The book includes an audio CD with the following songs:

Pachelbel Canon
Streets of Doolin
Music Alone Shall Live
Un Canadien Errant
Ton Ton Ton
King Arthur’s Harp
Red Is The Rose
Hand In Hand With Flora
Wake Up Canon
Red River Valley
Brahms Lullaby
Ja Nuns Hons Pris
Peggy Gordon
May Day Carol
Glissandos songs:
Golden Leaves In Fall (Key of C)
Butterflies In Summer (Key of C)
Snow Flurries On A Moonless Night (Key of C)
Golden Leaves In Fall (Pentatonic Scale)
Butterflies In Summer (Pentatonic Scale)
Snow Flurries On On A Moonless Night (Pentatonic Scale)
Come Follow To The Greenwood
Black Eyed Susan
Lonesome Road
Sweet Dreams Lullaby
Fairy Plaint Music
Last Song Before I Go
Bride Parish
Examples of Bass Chord Patterns
Caliente Rojo
Los Tres Santos Reyes
She’s Gone to Wed With Another
Eileen Aroon
The Spanish Lady
All Night, All Day
Quick Scotch
Hibernia’s Lovely Jane
The Chanter
The Standing Stones
The Sweet Nightingale
Please To See The King
Boats Rocking In The Water
The Cat’s Jig

Brave Heart by James Horner
Arranged by Star Edwards

Brave Heart Sheet Music series, available in 5 versions:

Harp and Flute
Harp and Cello
Harp, Cello and Flute
Harp, Cello, Flute and Violin

This captivating melody is now available for your enjoyment! The dynamic song of Brave Heart weaves though the movie score capturing the historical tension of freedom fighter William Wallace and his victorious quest to rally up support from his fellow clans and Robert the Bruce to defeat the English.

All scores include the opening Introduction, Secret Wedding and the main Brave Heart theme song.

For solo harp the lowest note played is F below low C
on all versions; suitable for harps with 33 strings +.

Intermediate level


Hymns and Sacred Songs
for Celtic Harp

This collection is designed for harps with 26 to 33 strings
in the key of C, F, G or D

For the advanced beginner to intermediate level

Forty-six popular songs, including:

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
How Can I Keep From Singing
Wayfaring Stranger
Oh Mary don't you Weep
How Great Thou Art
Abide With Me
Breathe on Me Breath of God
In the Garden
Will the Cicle be Unbroken
Be Thou My Vision
Christ Child's Lullaby
and more!

Available from:

Directly from Publisher Mel Bay

Celtic, traditional gospel, spirituals and hymns

Combining the magic sound of the Celtic harp
with time honored sacred songs and hymns.

This Celtic harp collection is filled with forty-seven all-time favorite songs of faith and inspiration. These time-honored songs will be a valuable resource for many varieties of religious functions. Advanced beginning to intermediate harp players will enjoy the broad range of tunes including Celtic, gospel, hymns, spirituals and popular inspiring pieces. This book is designed for harps with 26 to 33 strings, in the keys of C, F, G or D.

This music collection provides harpers the opportunity for ensembles with guitar and piano. Songs that have two levels of arrangements can be used for this purpose. Bass patterns are arranged using easy, well-known, basic chord patterns and most of the melodies are single notes. This book is perfect for lap harps and mid-size Celtic lever harps.

* Creative arrangements and easy to follow arrangements
* Suitable for piano and guitar; includes guitar chords; can be used for ensembles
* For use in many varieties of church services and general religious activities
* Broad range of spiritual tunes including Celtic, gospel, hymns and spirituals and popular inspirational pieces
* For advanced beginners to intermediate level harp players
* Songs are in the traditional keys of the Celtic harp; keys of C, F, G and D
* Designed for harps with 26 to 33 strings; lowest note used is F below low C
* Eight songs with lever adjustments
* Five songs contain two levels of arrangements, beginning and intermediate.
* Bass patterns arranged using basic chord patterns
* Most songs arranged with single melody notes
* Great appeal to harpers who want to play Celtic religious pieces
* Includes all-time favorite musical pieces, traditional and popular

Celtic Harp Tips
Encouraging and helpful ideas

A Tribute to Robert Burns




This NEW 29 page book from Star Edwards has encouraging and helpful ideas for all levels of harp playing! After teaching and conducting workshops on Celtic harp 10+ years, these are many of the questions students have asked over time. If you are learning how to play, for note readers or harpists that play by ear - this book is for you! These tips include:

Buying a Harp - what to look for depending on your needs;Tuning the Harp; Practicing - how to get more out of your time; Fingering and Placing - helpful ideas to advance your playing; Two Hand Coordination - great techniques to help you put both hands together; Note Reading - the best tips yet!; Memorizing; Using your Imagination in your playing style; Performing - how to get over the jitters; Avoiding Injury - stop carpel tunnel and tendinitis in its tracks, and other great tips including Harp Care, Right Hand vs Left Hand, Strings, Levers, Resources, Great Web Sites and Book List, My Favorite Inspiring Quotes That Focus on Learning, etc.

This book is designed to be a community sharing book. I have gathered tips from our local harp store and my students. We can learn from everyone! If you are a harp player and want to share your tips with others, email me and send me your permission to print it!

Published by Enoch Productions

Medieval Music
for Celtic Harp

Easy arrangements for nylon and wire harp

Available from:

Directly from Publisher Mel Bay

Customer reviews:

"Great little book by Star Edwards for Medieval Music! Most of the tunes are familiar, and arranged in a very simplistic, but effective way!"

"Great book with a variety of music. Just perfect for the renaissance faire musician."


From 11th to 15th century.... popular songs of the middle ages

Songs include:

  • Alle Psallite Cum Luya
  • Bryd One Brere
  • Call to Battle
  • Da Que Deus Mamou O
  • Douce Dame Jolie
  • Ductia
  • Edi Bethu
  • Los Set Gotxs Recomptarem
  • Loybere Risen
  • Maldito Seja Quen Non Loar
  • Ma Viele
  • Nova! Nova!
  • Orientis Partibus
  • Personent Hodie
  • Quand Voi Le Temps
  • Reis Glorios
  • Santa Agnesa Da Dio Amata
  • Stella Splendens
  • Sumer is Icumen In
  • Troubadour Song
  • Winder Ist Nu Dein Kra

A Tribute to Robert Burns
EZ and Intermediate Nylon and Wire Harp Arrangements

A Tribute to Robert Burns

Click here to view a sample.

Over 30 Burns Songs!

The Burns Night Rituals, Scottish Harp Ornaments, Poems and lyrics translated, song explanations...100 pages!!

Ae Fond Kiss
A Man's a Man for a That
Corn Rigs
Hey Ca' Thro'
I Hae a Wife O' My Ain
John Anderson, My Jo
My Tocher's the Jewel
O' Lassie Art Ye Sleepin Yet?
She's Fair and Frause
Wandering Willie
Whistle O'er the Lave O'T
White Cockcade


Published by Enoch Productions

Play Celtic Harp by Ear
EZ Beginner's Guide to Harp Tablature
Play-A-Long Book and Recording

Play by Ear Book Cover

This book is written for people who cannot read music. You don't have to read music to play music! This book is written in harp tablature, which is arranged in string groupings, with the name of the string you are to pluck, using a system of dashes to orient you as to where on the harp you need to be playing. (low, middle of high register) It is very easy to learn! You can play along with the CD, and read the tablature.

Click here to view a sample.

Published by
Enoch Productions

Over 60 songs; folk popular, Celtic, religious, seasonal, classical and for young children.

Puff the Magic Dragon
Scarborough Fair
Simple Gifts
Danny Boy
Eileen Aroon
Scotland the Brave
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Hush Little Baby
Ode to Joy
Brahms Lullaby
Jingle Bells
Chanukah O Chanukah
Let There Be Peace on Earth
In The Garden

Customer reviews:

"I bought Play Celtic Harp by Ear when I rented my harp. I have always adored the harp and admired anyone who could play an instrument, but never thought I could learn to play anything. To my delight and amazement, I am learning to play the Celtic harp using Star's instructions as outlined in this book (Play Celtic Harp by Ear). I was fortunate enough to have Star give me some lessons also and am feeling proud of myself for trying something new. The book starts at the beginning of what you need to know and gives you the finger exercises that are so critical for teaching your mind to work both hands together. There are a variety of songs to choose from in this book and it comes with a CD so you know how things should sound. I am so happy to have found Star's method of teaching the harp. I'm still a beginner, but I plan to continue practicing"

"Star's books are easy to follow, have a good selection of music, and have increased my confidence in my ability to play."


Two's Company - Celtic Harp Duets
Table of Contents
1. Christmas in Killarney
2. Christmas Day Ida Moarnin'
3. Eileen Aroon
4. Eleanor Plunkett
5. Gentle Maiden
6. Mo Ghile Mear
7. Taladh Chriosta
8. Thugamar Fein an Samhradh Linn

Music from the Colorado Celtic Harp Orchestra arranged for two harps. Beginning and Intermediate level.

Published by
Enoch Productions


Celtic Wedding Music
Table of Contents
1. Be Thou My Vision
2. The Bride’s a Bonnie Thing
3. The Bride’s Favorite
4. The Bridal Jig
5. Give me Your Hand
6. Haste to the Wedding
7. Highland Wedding
8. The Joys of Wedlock
9. Julia’s Wedding
10. Mairi Bhan Og
11. Mari’s Wedding
12. Unst Bridal March
13. The Wedding
14. The Wedding Night Jig

Also includes Celtic wedding traditions, blessings and Gaelic wedding phrases.

Published by Enoch Productions

Learn to Play Celtic Harp

The hardest thing students face in learning the harp is putting both hands together to play treble and bass clef and read music in both clefs at the same time! The method in this book is designed to allow you to gradually learn songs in four incremental stages of playing.

Published by
Enoch Productions


"Practicing exercises you don't enjoy is confining and saps your energy, whereas practicing a difficult but beautiful piece of music gives you energy."

"If he wanted to exercise his legs, he wouldn't pace around the room; he would go for a walk in the park...."

"I prefer to spend all of their practice time on real music, even if it means isolating a difficult passage and working with it extensively as if it were an exercise." --from The Art of Practicing by Madeline Bruser

Level I
Splits the melody in treble and bass clef, allowing you to concentrate on learning note reading and counting rhythm, one clef at a time, one hand at a time. (No exercises here!!)

Level II
One note harmonies are added as your note and rhythm recognition increases and your hand technique develops more firmly.

Level III
You will begin to learn about intervals, and bass patterns called the "pivot" and "drone".

Level IV
Songs that contain a walking bass pattern and introduces chords.

Easy Celtic Harp Solos

Available at your local music store or

Available from:

Directly from Publisher Mel Bay

"I'm a relative beginner on the harp and always looking for music to build my abilities. This book does it well. I can tell by looking at the songs that in time they will seem ridiculously simple, but I'm not that harpist today. Today these songs are challenging but attainable. I don't know any of these melodies - perhaps someone with more experience in Celtic music would recognize these songs, I don't know. Either way, the book is a useful source of melodic, listenable learning solos." ~ A customer review

The book includes all Celtic pieces, from the Irish, Manx, Bretton, Hebridean, Scottish Cornish and Welsh traditions.

Songs include:

  • Berry Dhone - Manx
  • The Blackbird - Welsh
  • Bonnie Laddie Highland Laddie - Scottish
  • Carolan's Fancy - Irish
  • The Castle of Neath - Welsh
  • Cumberland Reel - Scottish
  • Gentle Maiden - Irish
  • The Harp of Dunvegan - Hebridean
  • I Love my Love - Cornish
  • Lullaby (Suo-Gan) - Welsh
  • The Maid of Llanwellyn - Welsh
  • The Marigold - Cornish
  • Minstrel Boy - Irish
  • Mylecharaine - Manx
  • My Love She's But a Lassie Yet - Scottish
  • Pardon Spezed - Bretton
  • Pet of the Pipers - Irish
  • Planxty Charles Coote - Irish
  • Quinze Marins - Bretton
  • Scottish Reform - Scottish
  • The Sea Invocation - Manx
  • Tam Glen - Scottish
  • Tri Martolod - Bretton
  • Weavers March - Scottish
  • Welsh Carol - Welsh

Click to order this book now available from Mel Bay

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