Welcome to Star Edwards - Celtic Harp
Celtic Harp

A spirited blend of an ancient sound wrapped
in a contemporary landscape.

Strong vibrant melodies converge in a journey
connecting us to a rich heritage.

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"Classic interpretation, professionally performed" -- Dave Lacomte, My Brother's Bar, Denver

"Whether solo or trio, background for a reception or as a featured headliner, count on her audience thrilling artistry and consummate professionalism" -- Jim Schwartzkopff, Venture West Talent Agency

"When listening to Star Edwards' recent harp recordings, her talent is abundantly clear. I am especially impressed not only by her technical proficiency but also with the musicality with which everything is performed. Star's arrangements have a pleasant upbeat character reminiscent of traditional folk harp tunes, some of which are complimented by guitar, koto and drums. Whether in live performance or on CD, everyone should check out her work." -- Dr. Ted Nichelson, pedal harpist

"Star's music represents the finest of her genre, evocative and powerful yet with a lightness of spirit and touch. Listen closely and let the music take you where it will." -- Don Slepian, host of ArtMusicCoffeehouse.com

When the din of the drum sets of rock bands, the chant of the pipes, and the silvery sounds of ballad singers find some distance, my favorite moment of any Irish Festival has been to sit in the shade and hear Star Edwards play the harp ... not simply to play it, but to play it in that way that made it the national symbol of Ireland. And it is, and her music is, Irish like nothing else." -- Brian Clancy, Brian@irishrow.com

Star Edwards' band or trio is a perfect act for an outdoor festival.....very magical!" -- Rhonda Welch, Greeley Arts Promoter

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For gigs, Star performs in all kinds of musical combinations,
from solo, duo, trio, quartet, or five piece band.

Choose your ensemble musical menu:

Renaissance and Celtic Music
Harp Rock, World and Variety Music

Choose your solo musical menu:

Scottish and Irish Music
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New Age Music
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Jewish Music
Blues Inspired Music


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Star performs weekly:
Aug (all Weds except 28th) 2013
1:45 to 3:45 pm
High Tea
Brown Palace Hotel
1715 Tremont Street
Downtown Denver

Upcoming Gigs for
Star Edwards and KingBeat:

Winter Park Homeowners Assn
Saturday, August 9th
6pm - 9pm
Village at Winter Park Resort

Dream Conference Ball
SpringHill Suites, 1470 Dry Creek Drive Longmont, CO 80503 (303) 929.6122
Saturday, August 10th 2013
7:30-11 PM

Swallow Hill Tufts Hall
Denver, CO
Saturday, October 19th 2003
8-10 PM



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